Blueberry Pancakes 150 Servings


150 Servings of Blueberry pancakes in our famous nitrogen flush resealable bags Give your kids a delicious morning with Ready 2 Go Blueberry Pancakes! They’re sure to come running for them when they smell them on the griddle!

Ready 2 Go hardy Blueberry Pancake Mix; mix up a batch, slap it on the griddle and watch the kids come runnin’!

If these aren’t the best pancakes you have ever eaten I will lick your boots. We had these pancakes at the sand dunes with a over easy egg, bacon and maple syrup on top and I did shed a tear it was so good. (And I am not a guy who normally mixes salts and sweets) We made this recipe and removed the shortenings and oils out and used palm oil which is a shelf stable oil and we knocked it out of the park with the pancake mixes.



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