12 Month Food Storage Special!


Please choose 4 Dinner Items from the following list. Each of the Dinner Items come in a box with 20 mylar bags per box (5 servings per bag). Enter your selections(flavors) on the following page under “Order Notes”. We will also call to confirm your order. The total servings are 1,100.

Dinner Items: Chicken & Rice Pilaf, Chicken Ala King, Southern style Chicken Rice, Enchilada Beans & Rice, Mac & cheese, Lasagna, Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet and Sour Asian Rice, Mango Habanero Chilli, White Bean Chilli, Classic Chilli, Irish Pub cheddar potato soup, Baked potato soup, Pasta Primevera, Pasta Alfredo, Stroganoff.

You will also receive the following Breakfast items; Strawberry Cream of Wheat, Muffin Mix, Buttermilk Pancakes.



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