24 Month Long-Term Food Storage Supply


Our 12-18 Month Long-Term Food Storage Supply includes 1900 Servings (That is the equivalent of over 5 servings/day). We know it really is more than a 12-18 month supply, but we’re feeling generous. Compare to any other product out there and you’ll see what a tremendous value this is!

Multi-Grain Cereal 200 Servings
Strawberry Oatmeal 100 Servings
Buttermilk Pancake 150 Servings
Apple Cinnamon Pancake 150 Servings
Brownies 300 Servings
Corn Bread-Muffin Mix 250 Servings
Pasta Primavera 100 Servings
Classic Chili 100 Servings
Irish Pub Cheddar Potato 100 Servings
Chicken Ala King 100 Servings
Chicken Teriyaki 100 Servings
Biscuits/Scone Mix 250 Servings
TOTAL 1900 Servings

That’s Only $0.97 Per Serving, plus FREE SHIPPING!


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